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Energetic Solutions, Inc. as taken design concepts to reality through teaming with key partners and taking the concepts to commercialization.  Learn about some of our projects below and get in touch to see what we can do for you.


TPERx 1 Website.jpg

An Innovative Dry Pre Preg Solution

Teaming with a manufacturer and weaver of aramid fiber, we have commercialized a novel process to coat the aramid with a Thermoplastic Epoxy Resin.  This coated fiber when woven has allowed for the creation of a dry prepreg that requires no refrigeration, is drapable for deep drawing of parts, and can bond dissimilar materials.



CRYE MC TPU Plate 1 Website.jpg

Novel Improvement to Nylon & Polyurea

Decades of coating hard armor products with Nylon and Polyurea coatings has led to high labor costs, poor weight control and non uniform protection.  Through Vacuum forming of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) sheets armor products can now be uniformly formed and coated in an automated system.  In addition through a limited use R&D agreement with Multicam®  a novel print capability for camouflage patterns has been demonstrated.


Foaming Technology 1 Website.jpg

Structural Tunable Foam 

Coming soon- an expanding adhesive that can act as a carrier for composite reinforcement is in the testing stages for industrial reinforcement solutions.  Stay tuned!

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